Our Story

Josh Charlip

Founder and Owner

When we started out, I was just following my passion for cookies and ice cream. While I had no idea where the business might go, I was open to all the possibilities as the journey unfolded.  There have been many unforeseen challenges—as there is in life–but we are propelled forward in our singular mission to bring happiness to the world, one ice cream sandwich at a time.

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Our company was founded in 2011, named after our amazing dog Jackson. Our goal at the outset was not complicated: bring together 2 cookies and a scoop of ice cream, with the goal of reminding people of the simpler times in life. Take that first bite, and memories of happy childhood come flooding back to you, like the freedom of the first bike ride of the summer.

When we first started out, we had one cart and high hopes. Eventually we proudly added more carts to keep up with the demand of catering. Only by word of mouth did we continue to expand, and each summer brought us more grad parties, weddings, birthdays and corporate affairs. Several years ago, we added an ice cream truck to our stable of carts, and every summer we are booked solid making our gourmet treats throughout the community.

As our product and brand continued to grow, in 2015 we introduced a four pack of ice cream sandwiches that we began selling in local markets. We feature 6 different combinations that can be found in the frozen desserts section. We have a lot of fun coming up with the cookie and ice cream combinations, and we look forward to adding more delicious flavors soon.

Jill and Emeri

Behind every good man are even better women. As a six-time Ironman triathlete and nurse-to-be, Jill’s physical and mental strength is the foundation of Cool Jacks.

Emeri, Jill and Josh’s daughter, is the true light of their lives. As the official unofficial Director of Research & Development, she provides creativity to come up with new flavor combinations and enough energy to power the machines.

Together, we’re bringing happiness to your family one sandwich at a time.

thank you for supporting Cool Jacks!

What Our Customers Say

“Thank you so much for catering my wedding with your fantastic ice cream sandwiches! They were a big hit! 10/10 best ice cream and cookies anyone has ever had.”

Alyssa M.
“This was a unique desert experience. People loved the ice cream and cookies. Many asked where they could purchase. Hope your business continues to grow and be successful. Many thanks!”

Cooley high 50th reunion
“Our company had an ice cream social with Cool Jacks and everyone had a blast. The ice cream sandwiches were incredible and the staff was very friendly! Highly recommend.”

Centria Healthcare
“Josh is great to work with—so helpful and accommodating. The ice cream sandwiches are delicious. Everyone loved them!”

Grace Community Church
“The cookies and ice cream are absolutely delicious and so fresh. This is a favorite event that our entire office looks forward to! We plan to have them back year after year—just sooooooooooooooooooo good!”

brooks k.
“As an event planner, I can easily say that you are the best vendor I have worked with in a long time! You were so easy to work with and very reasonable. Your ice cream and cookies got RAVE REVIEWS from everyone at the wedding reception! Thanks for a perfect experience!!!”

Perfect day Celebrations
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